Konna's story

Hi there! My name is Konna. At least that has been my name since the nice people at the animal shelter found me. They tell me it means “much wanted” which sadly was not always the case for me.

When I was about 11 months old, for some reason, the man I lived with decided to drop me off in a strange neighborhood. At first I thought he was only going to be gone for a few minutes, but he never came back. I didn’t even sleep that night because I didn’t want to miss him, so I hid in some bushes and waited. He never came.

After a few days I noticed there were bags with food inside sitting by the street. Some nice people must have known I was hungry and put the food there for me. The only problem was that when I was searching the bags for food, people started yelling at me and chasing me away. I was very confused.

I found some kids to play with and we were having fun, until one of the bigger boys started getting too rough with me. There were more kids playing on the next street, so I stopped to hang out with them. We were having a great time until a lady came running out of a house telling the kids I was a mean dog and they should stay away from me. I just wanted to play and make new friends…

Every day I would go to the place where I last saw my owner, but still he never came. I got my food from the bags people left by the curb and made a game out of the people chasing me. I was lonely and hungry most of the time. I grew so tired of being chased.

One day a lady chased me into the street. The next thing I knew, a car was coming toward me. I tried to get out of the way, but the car kept coming. I don’t think he even slowed down. I almost made it to safety, but the car hit me anyway. I rolled over and over. When I tried to get up, my leg hurt a lot and I could not put my paw on the ground. I remembered the bushes I hid in on my first night, so I limped over there to lay down and rest. The next morning I tried to get up, but it was very hard. I managed to walk on three legs, but I sure didn’t feel like playing anymore. Things were looking pretty bad for me.


  1. I have to say Karen Hoffman has been awesome in helping me get Konna adopted! I want to thank everyone at the Pasadena Animal Shelter for all your hard work and long hours that it takes to take care of these animals. Konna is home now and my family could not be happier! Thanks for everything and I promise we will visit often.

    (Posted on 2010-08-28 19:40:00 by Tammie Bonuelos)
  2. I have been trying to adopt Konna well over a week with very little help from the shelter and my husband and I plan on contacting the Mayor on Friday with the assistance of our attorney, Do you have any suggestions? We have a nice home along with several years of experience with Konna.s breed. We have a combined income of over 100k per year, if we wanted to just buy any dog we would, but we fell in love with him, its a shame he has been in a cage there at the shelter for over a year and has sores on his legs and does not get the exercise he deserves. Please help us.

    (Posted on 2010-08-25 20:55:00 by tammie bonuelos)

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